Idaho Mountain Festival (City of Rocks)

 On the way we stopped in Salt Lake City to see our friend’s the Burrs and Rowan got down to business in their car.

 Sierra was willing to share her toys with while while we ate dinner.

 Then in the morning we arrived at the Castle Rock State Park which is right next to the City of Rocks! Beautiful.

 Again, let the boy out of the truck and he is on it.

 After teaching an Intro to Trad course to 25 people we went climbing with Jesse, Jen and Chandler.

 I only got to climb a few pitches but they were really nice and well protected.

 More views of the park.

 Rowan and I playing at the festival headquarters/campground.

 The food was taken care of (not lunches) and it was delicious and there was a band, movies and slide shows along with tons of gear give aways! I was one of the presenters and we had a good time as I told stories and ultimately made fun of myself a lot.

 Jane taking a morning stroll through the park.

 There are tents and then there are tents. Big Agnes knows tents. This was our home for the weekend.

 Me giving one of my clinics.

 Rowan gets into all kinds of trouble when he has a whole park to play in.

Rowan waking up the last morning of the event. He was a happy camper!
Get outside and have an adventure and take advantage of the events that are organized. Between the clinics and the presenters and the people and the climbing, you will have a great time!
piz : )

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