Training with Piz: 5 Minute Core

This is the current core workout that I do twice a week.
I have folks doing it everyday and have seen great gains in their ability to maintain a strong core.
It is meant to be completed after your workout, but can be done anytime.
Friends just rafted the Grand Canyon this fall and finished everyday of their trip with a little core work before bed on the shore of the Colorado River.

1 minute of the plank: be sure to engage every muscle from your toes to your arms while trying to reach your chin to your belly button. A good plank consists of every muscle being flexed even your butt cheeks!
1 minute of dolphins: be sure to hold your hands and extend as far forward as you can while rolling over your toes.
30 seconds of 1 arm plank: the goal is to NOT adjust your feet, keep them shoulder width apart and to move your weight off of your arm/shoulder while keeping your shoulder and hips square to the floor.
1 minute of v-ups: be sure to have both shoulder blades touching the floor all the way and then to keep your hands in front the whole time. (I add a 5-10lb weight to my hands)
1 minute of scissor kick crunches: point your toes to the opposite wall, keep straight legs and move then up and down no more than 3 feet off the ground, then add a crunch with your hands behind your head. If hands behind your head hurts you can put them along your side near your butt and it will make the challenge easier.

piz : )

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