Why I Train.

So, for the past week I have been unable to upload pictures or video from my computer. Blogger is having technical difficulties and we are left to the blandness of my words. (I wonder if blandness is a word) I apologize, but will take this time to talk about training indoors versus outdoor climbing.

In a nutshell, I would always rather be climbing outside. That is where my passion lies with climbing.

Now that that is clear, I can address the question of “why do I train so intently indoors when I don’t have a passion for it?”

What I do have is a passion for the results of what a regular and systemized training program will bring me. I love to go outside and feel and perform at my personal best each and every time and through training indoors, I can make that happen.

Having a family, a full time job, a part time job and other obligations makes my free time extremely valuable and short. (Try to climb with me outside and you will see its nearly impossible to schedule it) That means that going to the gym to just boulder or randomly climb many routes and add some core work on another day will never really do anything for maintaining or improving my climbing or fitness level.

I need to constantly identify my weaknesses based upon my goals outside (aka my project(s)), design and implement a program that will develop and strengthen them, and then follow through with it deliberately.

Gym time is useful for making gains and is otherwise wasted (unless you are just going for the fun of it to hang out with friends and have no deeper goals of improving) when you just go and do “whatever”.

In conclusion, I am not here to waste my time and will not be in the gym training before its light out or way after its dark because I love to, but because only through that focused effort will I improve. Maintaining is not a goal (it’s like just remaining good enough and I do not want to just remain good enough). I want to push my personal limits and see what I am capable of accomplishing. It’s not about keeping up with anyone, it’s about pushing myself to reach my potential. 

So get outside and have an adventure
and if not,
start focusing what you are doing, so that you can improve and have better, safer, bigger adventures!

piz : )

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