Mount Garfield with My Students

We went out to hike up Mt Garfield near Palisade, CO last week.
I find that we never stay on the trails very long.
Enjoy the photos and hopefully more of my kids will attend the next hikes in March!

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

 Getting ready in the parking lot on a perfect morning.

 The first hill is a slap in the face. If you are not used to going up steep unrelenting hills it will destroy you for the day.

 Taking a break with a nice view!

 Look over the valley of Grand Junction and the Colorado National Monument to the right.

 As usual, I am always looking for cracks to climb!

 Getting air born over the gap.

 Cool formations in the shale.

Sliding back down to the cars after getting all dirty and tired out!
What a great way to spend the morning in Colorado!!

Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WIndX-treme

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