Exponential Challenge: Day 3

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WIndX-treme

 Feeling a bit tired on the morning of day three I almost had to back out.My wife is about 8 weeks pregnant and was feeling ill. I couldn’t go climbing on my spring break with a sick wife and feel good about it so I told her that I would stay home until she felt better. She figured that she was just having pregnancy pains and told me to go climb. I was happy because I had trained a long time for this week and to have missed out would have been a real bummer. Anyway this is what it looked like outside when we began. Did I mention that it was really cold out and windy?

 The Kissing Couple on the approach.

 Ben showing how cold it felt at the end of pitch one. Look at that windx-treme on his face and head. Just like me!!! It was by far the life saver piece of the whole week!

Climbing through the last pitch.

 After we got our ropes stuck in the intense wind and in a crack and re climbing a pitch on the way down, we were running to the next summit. Independence Monument is iconic and has the easiest access to a tower summit ever, chopped steps and drilled holes for hand holds.

 Yeah, I look fat with all the layers on and I look like a clown too!

 Here is the place where we racked up. Yes that is snow!

 Ben led and I followed as we simul-climbed the whole thing in about 10 minutes.

 Bomber gear.

 Ben bringing me to the top.

What a view at the next two towers, Sentinel Spire and the Deficating Monk way at the end of the picture.  The amount of walking and chimneying combined with the last two days was beginning to take its toll on us.The wind and cold was brutal. But I was having a lot of fun pushing it like we were.

 Then we ran to the next tower and began in the sun and in pretty good temps finally!

 Ben joining me after pitch 2

 The splitter pitch 3.

 Ben on pitch 3.

3 down and we are in good shape. Dang that down jacket is on again!

 The final tower. That roof on the is one of my free routes, it is called Spec One and goes at 13- through a 4 inch roof! We meant to do that pitch but it got wicked cold again and was in the shade. Niether of us wanted to suffer that bad again.

 Ben in the chimney.

Two happy and worn out guys on the last summit. This was going to be a good week!!

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