Photographers: What I learn from them.

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So over the last few weeks, I have chipped some time out of my already busy schedule to work with a few photographers. For me I am always trying to learn from them and to find out what they are looking for in a photo, so that I can speed up the process of the shoot. If I know what they are looking for then I can help create that image and story that they are looking to tell.

I have learned over the years that every photographer is attempting to either catch that unique or special moment (be it a first ascent or an emotion) or attempting to tell a story in the image. The best photos are ones that make you think, reflect upon your own life, inspire you to go above and beyond or create emotion.

I love to be in a great photo and have been lucky to have worked with some of the best over the past 10 years.

Below are some from a guy that I just worked with for the first time. His name is Robb Reece. An former Olympic level athlete, now photographer and dad. Other than scaring the heck out of him on a 600ft tall wall, he has been able to capture some great moments in just a short amount of time. I look forward to more shoots with him.

The next photographer is Ken Redding. He has been shooting for over thirty years and it shows. He knows exactly the shot that he is looking for and has the ability to then make that shot happen. I was really impressed with his ideas and images right off the bat.

In the next few posts, I will share what I have learned from other photographers that I have worked with.

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