Photographers: What I learn from them. Keith Ladzinski

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I will talk about my time (way back when) with Keith Ladzinski. I met him through my recent climbing partner at the time, Mike Anderson. Mike and I had met in St. George having both been rained out of climbing big walls in Zion and decided that we should get out and climb sometime. Well, that relationship worked out really well for both of us to climb a lot and do some amazing routes together.

Anyway, since Mike lived in Colorado Springs at the time and happened to know this guy named Keith who shot photos, we ended having him join us quite a bit. Keith was awesome to travel with because he had some incredible stories to tell. He is a genuine storyteller and can weave a tale so perfectly that I always awaited our time together. As for his shooting ability, yeah he was good. really good. I never left a shoot with him wondering if he “got it.” It was more of a question of when would I see the magic that he was able to capture.

He did have his learning curve though. The initial shoots would kind of be a junk show. Slow jugging, lots of time spent rigging , poor rope work, and he often had all kinds of gadgets hanging off him, stuffed into his pockets or falling out. It was great though.

What I learned from “dot com,” as that became his nickname is that he was there to take care of business. I like that about Keith. It is guaranteed that you will get an amazing photo when I with him. It is also guaranteed that he will stop at no end to get that photo!

It’s been a while since we have shot or hung out because he is mega world traveler these days but I would love to grace his camera sometime soon.

Thanks Keith and keep killing it behind the lens!

 Back in the day with Mike Anserson and Dan Dewell


The Dunn Route

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