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Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WindX-treme

I have been wearing the SCARPA Epic Pro GTX for a few months now and feel confident about sharing what I think.

Since I am sponsored by SCARPA, you probably expect me to just say that they are awesome and be done with it. That has not always been the case. When they make a garbage shoe, I let them know why I feel it is not great and when a product is the greatest thing in the world, I also do the same.

Today will be no different. The shoe is called a cross between a trail runner and a light hiker. I would prefer to not run in the shoe unless it was on a rescue in the middle of nowhere to save my climbing partner.

That being said it is an amazing and durable light hiker that I have climbed some off-widths in. I generally wear my approach shoes on off widths as it makes them a million times more fun as long as you lace them down for those heel and toe hooks that you will encounter. The outer of the shoe has held up and maintained its good looks after scraping against granite in my backyard.

As for the GTX or Gore Tex, I love having a shoe that I don’t have to worry about getting my socks wet while on approaches. Nuff said on that.

I always fit them the same as my shoe size, no bigger and no smaller.

Lastly the rubber on the bottom is not chunking off or wearing out very fast. This is a good thing.

The shoe can handle the trails with or without a pack and I have to hike with my son and climbing pack on my back. I still have the stability that a boot will give me with this shoe.

You won’t be taking a chance when you buy this one!

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