Training with Piz: Weighted Straight Arm Sit-Ups with Tension Leg Extensions

Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Arcteryx, CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Sterling Ropes, the AAC and WIndX-treme

The is a great way to work on your core. The sit up can be modified in many ways and here is one that involves being coordinated!


  1. Grab a weight or dumb bell that you can perform a normal sit-up with (less weight for higher reps and building strength and more weight to work power and explosiveness).
  2. Place a appropriately thick rubber band around your feet or ankle and perform leg extensions while doing the sit-up.
  3. The goal is to extend your legs at the bottom of the move (as in when they are nearest the floor) while also being flat on your back and just keeping your hands off the floor behind your head.
  4. Things to keep in mind, keep breathing regularly, keep tension in your legs the entire time and be sure to keep it fun. If you prefer a shake weight that mists your face that is an acceptable modification to the exercise.
  5. As usual, I do four reps of this for 40 seconds as it fits into my circuit training program.

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