Training with Piz: Knee Raise Push Ups

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These push ups are tough. Once your start using the hanging slings or the TRX set up for working out, you will discover a whole new world of specific muscles that you didn’t know you had. Additionally, you will never know how overlooked and underdeveloped they have been.

Keeping your low back tight is the key to any exercise like this where you are in a push up or plank position. The way that you do that is by attempting to tightly pinch your butt cheeks together.

Be sure that the rest of your body is tight including your legs and upper back. You do not want a dip in your upper back or to bend it when you are doing the push up. Keep your core tight, always keep you core tight.

So, push up and be sure that your arms are not touching or leaning on the webbing of the sling or TRX. That is cheating and taking away the need for more body tension.
After the push up bring one knee to the opposite elbow. Then do another push up and and bring the other knee to the other elbow. 

Remember focus on form and you will see your body tension and core strength and pushing ability increase.

Have fun!

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