Training with Piz: Pinch Repeater

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The Pinch Repeater is a great way to work hand strength, core/body tension, footwork, and power if you are doing it without using your feet.

Set the wall at an angle where you can place your feet on good holds (keep them in place for the whole rep) and move your hands back and forth between the pinches. Attempt a certain number of movements of your hands or give an effort based on time. Either way you can monitor your progress.

The more that your body looses tension the more likely you will fall off sooner than you would with good technique.

Work on keeping your core tight and pushing hard with your legs. Also work on finding the body position that allows you to barely hold on to the pinches.

If you are campusing the pinches, work on the core tension to keep from swinging and the kip (leg pump) that helps you reach the holds above or below you.

You can do this with any hold on a systems board and if the board adjusts then you are psyched because you can increase the difficulty with the same holds.             

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