Thoughts on the New Earthtreks Gym

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So, I only had a few minutes at the gym, but I immediately loved it. I like the walls and the shapes and the texture, I like the floors and the open space and the route setting. I like the bouldering. The bathrooms were clean and there was tons of open space. It is not a cramped gym, which is nice.
I like the systems boards but did not think that they were set as they could be. Also the fingerboard area seemed like it was an after thought. The cardio zone with weights was sweet and would work nicely for individuals, but not as nice for groups of people at once.
Overall this is a rad place that I would have a membership at if I lived on the front range. Or else I would be working there!

 They have balls. Lots of them. I use the yoga balls regularly at my local gym for all kinds of core work and strength training. Don’t be afraid to ask someone at the gym to find out how to use any equipment.

 There is plenty of cardio equipment. All new and top of the line. You can use this stuff and watch folks climbing in the main area. Not a bad idea. Also there is a ton of room between the equipment and the workout area so that people are not stepping on each other. If you notice there are rings and slings hanging from the ceiling. another nice feature that keeps them off the floor and out of the way while in the workout area. No lost slings or Atomic balls at this gym

 You want power? Well, check out the campus zone. It is wide open and ready to be used by all who dare.

 The place is beautiful, clean and has routes for everyone that are over 40ft tall

 Can’t lead yet, no problem. There are tons of top ropes. Also the routes are set by color of the holds. No more tape to have to try to see. That is way nicer than the old way.

 Climber to show scale on the wall.

More training on the adjustable systems boards.

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