Training with Piz: Big Moves

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Until then… Get outside and have an adventure!

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So, if you are not yet able to work on the campus board due to the holds being too small or a hand/finger injury, you can still work on making powerful moves and developing your power/explosiveness and contact strength.

Get on the adjustable systems board or just a steep overhanging bouldering zone and choose two good holds and feet to start from.
Make an explosive (fast) move up to the highest hold that you can reach.
Try to hold on.
Tips for sticking that move:

  1. Lock off with the low hand (that will keep you in tighter to the wall).
  2. Grip like mad with the high hand, hold on like you are about to fall off a building top!
  3. Engage your core to prevent sagging. Once you sag, you are off the hold and wall.
  4. Push hard with your feet,by not doing this it is difficult to engage your core.
  5. Visualize sticking the hold and how you will look doing it. That way you just have to make it look like it should and you will be in the proper body position.
  6. No feet cutting. Once they are off, you are off.

Be sure to rest between attempts and to rest before switching lead hands.
When you first start try to stick a good hold, no crimps at the start unless you consider yourself an advanced level climber.

Have fun!!


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