Training Poll


The reason that I ask this question is that it has always made me wonder why some people are at the gym. Some folks have climbed for 20 years and have never improved, some folks attend regularly but never really climb, while others are getting after it all the time.

I can say that for me the gym is a place where I work and train. I use it specifically to address my weaknesses and to develop a high level of fitness. It is hard to just go do some routes without a particular focus, it is hard to boulder a couple problems with no particular reason. The joy that I get is when I am outside and climbing and realize that my indoor time has allowed me to reach my personal potential outside. I analyze where I need work while outside and then focus on those areas while inside. For me the gym is best described as a tool and I would rather not be there unless I am able to do that.

For others though the social part of the gym is the reason to go. To see who is there and talk to whomever is climbing next to you. Climbing is certainly a social beast, but I head to less populated areas because I am not looking for that all the time.

What are your thoughts?

No matter what the reason, I am glad that you are climbing and having fun with it!

Rob Pizem,  Zion NP, UT

One thought on “Training Poll

  1. I find I love the social aspect of climbing. Weather with just my climbing partner(s) or those I meet while I’m at the crag. The gym is a necessary evil in the off times ( winter ) for me. I go to stay tuned, work on technique and keep my strength up. However, I still am social and enjoy the fellowship. So…..
    BOTH : Social and training. I don’t separate the two.

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