Finally a Wall I haven’t Climbed at!

I went to a place in Ouray that I have always meant to climb at this past weekend. It’s called the Technicolor Wall. A cool start in the fall was followed by a perfect breezy and partly cloudy day allowing us to climb on the sunny southern exposed wall. It has a great variety of climbs that are super technical or juggy with awkward movements. I had a blast while trying to onsight routes with my partner and even more fun supporting his attempts to not fall before getting to the top of the climbs.

What I really like about onsighting is that I have to read new terrain, but also manage my pump, identify where and when to shake out and overcome that nasty fear of taking a big fall. When you climb on a particular type of rock for a long time you tend to know what type and size of holds are coming up even though you can’t see them. But when you are at a new wall you don’t have that luxury and it forces you to make sure you are confident in your movements. It is really fun and exciting to have all those unknowns to deal with on one climb.

So this past weekend, I got to go for it, get pumped out of my mind and read new sequences all while having the time of my life with my partner. I climbed, what I felt is one of the greatest routes at the grade in the US and there was no chalk and no lines and no beta being shared. That was a good time. Even though I blew the onsight by a mere foot slip on easy terrain at the end of the pitch, I can look back at the movement, the discovery of the rests, the questing into the unknown and the confidence that I gained from the experience. Have I mentioned that I love rock climbing!

IMG_1067 IMG_1069 IMG_1074 IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1082

taking a big fall

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