My Past Trip Challenges

There are times when everything works out when it comes to climbing trips and instances where a trip falls a apart. I have been going on climbing trips for many years and have had a pretty good success rate. I usually have good weather, great partners and memorable and safe adventures, but every once in a while things go wrong.

  1. I was on a trip to Northern Italy to climb granite big walls when the weather was terrible everywhere. It led our team to France and the Verdon Gorge. As we basked in the sun and climbed the perfect limestone multi-pitch routes, I stepped up for a large foothold on easy terrain when my meniscus tore in my right knee. I found myself sitting in the campground for the rest of the trip unable to walk. I eventually needed surgery.
  2. Once while in a tropical climbing destination, I had a partner self destruct financially and mentally while out of the country leading to a stressful experience where climbing took the backseat. DRAMA!
  3. Years ago, I went on a trip into the Sawtooth Range in Idaho and landed me tick with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Since I didn’t realize it at the time, the rest of my trip to Squamish, Canada was a mess. I couldn’t get up to walk to approaches, I had no energy and wasn’t psyched.
  4. I once went on a trip where it was raining everywhere. We ended up driving 1000’s of miles for days and only ended up getting in a pitch or two over that whole time

When I look back, I have been pretty lucky. My point is that not all trips will work out the way that you plan, but keep trying and you will keep having adventures!

IMG_5478 IMG_1860 LS-14 IMG_1204 IMG_1139

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