Collateral Damage

I had a great conversation about what it meant to climb hard while having a family and friends. What came to mind was the expression “collateral damage”. Here are the ways that I saw climbing hard as a family man/woman could cause collateral damage.


  1. Time. The time you spend training and away climbing can be destructive to you and your family (husband’s/wife’s and kid’s).
  2. Travel Cost. The money that you dump into climbing from gas, to gear, to automobile upkeep, to gym memberships is not cheap and certainly cuts into your financial security.
  3. Obsession. This certainly creeps into your work life and creates situations where you may slip at doing your best in areas outside climbing.
  4. Perceived Happiness. This describes how you will feel once completing your objective. Unfortunately, it quickly fades literally seconds after you complete your project and are dreaming of what is next.
  5. Other. This list is not complete and I am sure that you can add a few other things that get the short end of the stick when it comes to climbing.

Moral of the story. Balance out things so you create the least amount of collateral damage in your life because as much as we like to think that climbing is the greatest thing, our families are much, much, more important!

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