Getting Ready

I am looking forward to going back to my favorite place to climb, Zion National Park. Here is one of my best friends and I are exploring and scoping new route potential back in January 2014.                                        DSC_0010 DSC_0042 DSC_0094 DSC_0075

The beauty and terrain are always incredible and the route potential and the adventure factor is way high. I love getting off the beaten path and exploring. In just a few I will be back to get my gear sandy and wear out my shoes! Getting ready for long weekends is pretty fun.

I always have to check:

  • my ropes,
  • make sure all my cams are working properly,
  • decide what equipment to bring in case I have to bail,
  • organize my ascending gear,
  • pack my bags, count static lines (I will need 2000ft)
  • buy bolts and hangers and drill bits,
  • prepare the bolting kit (must have gloves)
  • have gear and shoes for free climbing incase the new routing doesn’t work out
  • find the new routing quick draws and slings
  • and pack the HUGE gear backpack.

All this happens in the garage with my boys playing and scattering gear and uncoiling ropes and clipping carabiners to their clothing and climbing on their wall. What I really am looking forward to (should they choose) is going up on the wall with them. There is something about hanging on a wall that can only be experienced. Talking about it is not close although it still gives me the chills. One can dream.

I look forward to sharing my new routing experience with you upon my return. Until then get outside and have an adventure!

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