The List

Over my years of traveling and climbing, I have created an unwritten list of objectives for myself. I call it my list. It’s not a bucket list, because I never intend to be satisfied when it is completed because it can not be completed. It is not written down because I don’t need to stare at these ideas and routes that already constantly float deep within my head.

My list is ever growing and changing as my mood and goals change and as life presents open and closed doors for adventures. I am finding that not every goal on the list is worth going for and I will throw some out due to whether its a genuine goal or whether its just a route that others will be impressed with. Climbing is fun and I want to keep it that way. I am only competitive with myself and will do my best to avoid “racing” to the top.

As the next year unfolds I look forward to keeping to what really interests me in climbing and that is having fun with those whom I tie in with.


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