Being Truly Motivated

I have been working with or attempting to work with a client for quite some time. It has not been going as well as I would like it to.

First of all, he wants to reach his personal potential in climbing, but has been prevented from doing that by one injury after another. As we were finally ready to begin a training program, I get yet another email that indicates that another setback has occurred. In his latest email to me, he says that he will come back after another break better than ever and ready to take on a program.

Now, I know how long we have been trying to work together and how frustrated I would be if I was in his shoes, yet he still comes back with positive energy and a great attitude after each set back. In a later email, he said that he wished that he would stop stringing me along and finally be able to begin his training.

This is what I told my client, your situation has allowed me to reflect upon my own and realize how lucky I have been over the last 20 years. I have been essentially injury free (the broken back being the exception) the whole time. Trying to come back over and over after injury after injury would drive me nuts! I am impressed and inspired by your drive and willingness to not give up.

He responded that he was psyched to be able to inspire me. For your information, anyone who is trying hard at something that they are passionate about be it writing, running or anything is inspiring to me. Especially when things are not going as they wish. It takes a truly special person to hang in there after obstacles prevent them from reaching their goal. So don’t give up and get out and have an adventure!

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