Every time that I get outside with my two sons is a great day. Especially when they can improve their skills at some task or when they learn something for the first time.

This weekend I was able to get them out sledding together for the first time. Neither knew what to expect. They didn’t know what the rush would feel like as they floated over the snow as they speed down the hillside. I may have been more anxious then them. It was awesome. Either way after doing a hike on dry rocky terrain, we arrive at the snowy hillside just above town. The boys were wearing their winter jackets, hats and gloves and it was sunny and warm for 30 degrees.

We slowly trudged over to the hill and began humping up the slippery hillside. When they got into the sled that I bought last year some of the dust from my garage came flying off. I have been waiting for this day to say the least. I asked them if they were ready. I had Rowan hold on to his little brother (Orson was in the front holding the rope) and I turned on the camera and off they went. No need to prep them about the bouncing and turning and most likely crashing on the way down.

The giggles from the two boys at the bottom of the hill made my day! We ended up going up and down the hill for about 30 minutes straight before they were too tired to walk. It was a good day and a great adventure!


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