Rowan Attending His First Pool Birthday Party

Although he was sick with a cold, he attended a classmates party. He wasn’t really sure what to do as there were quite a few children that he didn’t know at the party. As a matter of fact he only knew one other little girl. So he did what he did best, play on his own. I know that he wanted daddy to be in the water with him, but I chose to make this a growing moment instead of a moment of making him comfortable.

In the end, it was the orange frosting on the chocolate cupcakes that opened him up. In the meantime, he jumped and splashed in the water and managed to jump off the diving board for the first time. The slide was a big hit too. I can see why some kids don’t like going to others parties. When they see their peers getting loaded up with gifts it was easy to see that other children don’t really enjoy watching someone else get all the gifts.

Note to self, gifts don’t make the party, the people do. Leave them at home and enjoy the company.

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