As a person, I am not really into the days (changing years), birthdays, holidays or whatever. I am into my family and of course climbing. It’s nice because I can just spend time with family or climbing and it’s all good. As 2015 ends and 2016 begins it is a great time to remind myself of where my priorities are and how I can stay true to them.

I am making some active choices that will change how extended I am and I am excited about how that will pan out. I am focused on making sure that my family is first, my job as an educator second and my climbing where ever it can fit in. This may seem or sound odd, but that is the reality. I will post on this blog when I can and eliminate other banter on other social media outlets. I will unplug as much as possible so that I remain true to myself and make my own decisions rather than become driven or overly influenced by others.

I feel fortunate that some people are inspired by how I accomplish things and am honored and I will continue to play my way and have fun doing it! The last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to have some nice photos taken and gain sponsorship. It has allowed me to go on some incredible trips and meet some wonderful people and I look forward to spreading what I have experienced with others at clinics, slide shows and at the crag. Other than that I plan on playing on the unclimbed walls and finding rock climbs that make me swear when I am at home or work. It’s going to continue to be fun and an adventure.

Looking forward to seeing you at the crag.

piz : )


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