Stone Age Climbing Gym Review

IMG_0174IMG_0173IMG_0175IMG_0171IMG_0168IMG_0164IMG_0167I was happy to hear that my in-laws had moved to New Mexico. It wasn’t until my wife was looking at things to do while visiting that we came across the new Stone Age Climbing Gym. It turned out that they live close to the Sandia’s and that nothing is far from anything in Albuquerque!

So I made a point to check out the mountains and the gym while here this winter break. I loved the snow and the trails that I had to chance to hike and trail run on the first few days and when I arrived at the gym I was also happy to see what I found.

As I walked into the store and front desk, it looked and felt like I was in a gear shop. It had a wide range of rock shoes, harnesses and even trad gear. The best part was that it carried all the local guide books and the areas that were just a short drive away. No need to go anywhere else for what you need as a climber.

The staff was kind and helpful and I was walked through the facility after filling out on waiver. The gym was laid out to allow the beginners a space of their own to start with auto belays and a free standing boulder with routes and problems for those without experience. The rest of the gym included a 45 foot lead wall with spacious and well thought out routes. The opposing wall was covered with more vertical lead climbs to play on. Beyond that was the bouldering area, more and shorter top roping and auto belaying and the training equipment.

The boulder included some steep cave/tunnel features which were fun to move through all while being free standing in the middle of the room. Plenty of problems and angles will keep you happy as you progress with your climbing. The routes were set with the same color holds which seems to be the way that many gyms are moving for setting.

The training area had plenty of equipment and even an adjustable Treadwall! I found that it was a little tight but if you had a plan you could work efficiently and effectively there with the many workout pieces and fingerboards.

The gym also offered treadmills and yoga classes and a clean restroom. Overall it was a great experience.

I look forward to doing a slide show at this wonderful facility in 2016, so keep your ears open and get ready for a great show!!!

Until then get outside and have an adventure!

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