2015 Year in Review

Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to keeping it regularly updated with family, climbing and training information in 2016. As a part of that, its kind of fun to look back at some of the climbing related business that I have been a part of in 2015. I had no idea I had been so busy.

  1. So far I have over 620 blog posts with 6000+ visitors so far. I had no idea that people other than my mom checked out this site, so thanks for caring.
  2. I had a friend start an instagram for me and I have just under 400 followers. I will be honest, my silent grammer takes care of it with photos that I send. Keep checking it out because I will continue to share my experiences with you through the blog and the gram.
  3. I had a fortunate year with climbing media in that I had many photos and articles published online and in print, including a COVER for Climbing Magazine. I am fortunate that the photographers enjoy coming out and that the magazines find photos that they think you will like.
  4. Climbing I actually finished some new climbs this past year. I often look and look for new routes and come up empty handed. This year I was able to find some new lines that were fun for me. Purdy Power 5.13+ PG Zion National Park 900ft (First Free Ascent) was the most rewarding in that it took about 7months to send. With its back to back 5.13 pitches and crazy variety, it is now one of my personal favorites. I really appreciate all the folks who came out to help me on the route. Locally I was able to establish quite a few rewarding mixed gear and bolt climbs in Unaweep Canyon. The highlight for me was establishing Jane’s Marathon the 190ft 5.13-. It has everything on it and packs a punch that I originally thought would be 5.11 when I initially checked it out on top rope.
  5. I attended many climbing related events too including the Red Rock Rendezvous, 2 AAC Craggin Classics, the Ouray Ice Festival and the Squamish Mountain Festival. I will be out there again so keep me in mind when you decide which ones to attend. I would love to chat with you about whatever climbing or life.
  6. I gave a bunch of slide shows too this year in Colorado, Canada, Utah and West Virginia. I love speaking to everyone about my experiences and mostly about how I messed things up forgot something or my wonderful and patient partners. Look forward to Boston, MA and Albuquerque, NM this year and some others as I book them! Also if you want me to come to your gym or workplace, please contact me and we can set something up that will be incredible for everyone.
  7. Lastly, I was able to travel to Italy, Canada and West Virginia to go climbing and that was a blast. I really learned the most during the trip with Eric Weihenmeyer about how he is far from disabled but really a light in the darkness.


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