It’s Tough Out There

As a husband and a father I have the pleasure to spend my life with the one woman that makes me smile just while thinking about her and I get to be a father to my two favorite young boys, my sons. Now that doesn’t mean that everyday is easy, it just means that I am surrounded by the people that I want to be surrounded by. The rest is tough. With the multiple duties that my wife and I have we have to schedule every day to the minute. I would like to say that we are both good about the schedule, but what makes it tough is when one or both of the boys get sick.


This last week has been one of those weeks where a sick boy has totally rearranged everything. With my wife needing to maintain her career, schooling, parenthood, running and other obligations and me needing to do the same a sick boy really makes us adjust the priorities. We each had to miss work and other events to make sure that the boys get what they need all while being sleep deprived. I know that this goes on in every household but dang it can really where you out.


My point in writing this entry is to remember that you (the parent and/or partner) are awesome! Each of us has so many things going on in our lives that attempt to take our attention away from our non work priorities, it’s amazing that we get anything done. And to see our friends kicking butt or winning races or sending routes or writing books, whatever is really incredible. I have had to learn to let go the of the unnecessary (because I used to have a death grip on it) and it has been making life a lot easier. I can honestly say that as I let go, I get more creative and have the energy to think and act on ideas that have never been allowed to enter my mind. I am allowing change to occur and it’s cool. I am excited to what wild ideas fly into my mind and even more excited about which of them I may act upon.

DSC_0034One of my friends/climbing partners D-ron at the base of our almost complete new Zion route and another family man who manages to get it done amidst the chaos and unpredictability of life as a family man.

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