Problem Solving

I have been working with my students on problem solving for the past 5 weeks. Additionally we worked on our team building skills and orienteering skills. Remember, it’s January and COLD outside. Each week there has been a team challenge on a course in the mountains around school. Today was their final and I have to say that the team that I tagged along with did an amazing job not only finding all 10 checkpoints in the given time but they also worked together very well. They allowed members with different strengths to lead at the right times and they all pitched in at a high level. The biggest challenge may have been the fact that with the wind chill it was nearly ZERO degrees out and we were walking around the hills with over a foot of snow on the ground. The last two challenges were that they had to find the checkpoints with out their GPS Maps or Compass (that means that they had to really study the map that they plotted their points on at school before we left. They were able to accomplish this difficult task too. It has been a rewarding day for me and my students.


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