Superbowl 4×4: Treadwalling

Over the years I have always been on a climbing weekend during the superbowl weekend, but after having kids its seems that I have been around more often than not. I don’t particularly follow football or other college or professional sports (not really even climbing) so when I am around on a big sports weekend I usually find a way to be outside enjoying the day as much as possible. Today was no different. A nice hike up Riggs Hill with my oldest son (while the youngest was taking a nap) and then a family walk through the neighborhood was a great way to escape the indoors. Additionally my friend Shawn came over for a early morning 4×4 on the Treadwall.

After years of training with this tool I still have a hard time believing how effective it is but after just a few short sessions I always find that I am climbing at a high level of fitness. I am normally knocked out from a session for 2-3 days but that is ok as rest is just important as training and climbing. Below is a summary of my session (I might be missing a video or two.

What I like to do is film myself and watch my body position as I fatigue throughout the 4×4. I then make conscious decisions as I train in the future to address my areas of failure. It is highly effective and makes me limit my mistakes and capitalize on my strengths.

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