Adventure 101


Over the course of the school year I always try to teach my students what adventure is all about. This past Wednesday with our outdoor program was full of more big adventure where we pushed the kids to their comfort zones and each and everyone of them overcame the physical or mental challenge that we presented to them.

The objective was to teach our group how to rappel on a short sandstone wall and then to have them rap down a 150 foot wall and or waterfall that was totally overhanging. This is and was an intense moment for many of our students but they got it done. After the rapping through a running and icy waterfall we had to get back to the vans, this led to our last bit of adventure. How do we get out of the canyon that we rapped into? With great enthusiasm our kids scoured the hillsides and found a path that they all could climb (with and without ropes) and after a bit of rock fall and fear, we made it to the rim and back to the vans. Just another day at the office!

We can’t wait to take it to the next level next time!



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