Climbing, what’s that?

Even though I just completed a new big wall route (still in the aid form) I feel like I haven’t climbed outside in months. When I say that I mean that aid climbing new terrain in freezing and below freezing temperatures isn’t really climbing to me. It is just a means to an end. If I could have started from the top I would have but since I couldn’t, I didn’t.


I have been tired and even less motivated due to the fact that the wall that I counted on being open during spring break with my route on it has just been closed for bird nesting until further notice! AHHHH DANG IT! I just spent the last 4 months getting this route prepared for me to climb over spring break and now its closed. So I have to wait it out until I can legally go and climb the cracks that I so meticulously cleaned and linked over the 2100ft of rock that is a new Zion big wall.


So, I am hoping to get out and renew my spirit and clip some bolts this Sunday. I need to find out where my fitness level lies and what I need to do to bring it back into the green zone. I also have to get ready for spring break as I still will be climbing for a week. Lastly, I need to get ready to teach climbing clinics at the Red Rock Rendezvous at the end of March. Time fly’s whether your climbing much or not.


In the mean time I have to learn how to ride a mountain bike through 30+ miles of Moab, Utah terrain for the adventure race that I am competing in this April. I have been running and biking to get in shape for that. I think I just need to rest.


Nah, that wouldn’t be a good idea!

Get outside and have an adventure

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