Pizem Training

Some things to remember when you train.

  1. It’s about identifying and developing your weaknesses (so training is supposed to be challenging)
  2. Training takes time. I have been hangboarding for months now and I am finally seeing the pay off in my finger strength.
  3. Training takes dedication. I hate getting up early when my kids have kept me up all night. I am tired and don’t want to work out. BUT, I do because I see the benefits in my climbing and my health.
  4. Train with your peers. I do way better with my peers around me than when I am alone. I am not competing with them in the movement, but rather with the effort that I put forth.
  5. Give attention to detail. It’s the detail work that allows you to progress.
  6. Be creative, there are many ways to train a specific skill. I brainstorm many ways to work on power and strength and endurance and although they are less common, they still get me the fitness that I am looking to gain.
  7. Set a meaningful goal. Without a goal, I wouldn’t be training. Once you choose the goal then identify what is necessary to be successful and do it!

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