Pizem Birthday Challenge

This birthday is my 40th and it’s not about doing a certain number of anything on my birthday. I can climb a 100+ pitches in a day and it won’t prove anything about anything to myself. My goal this year is to establish 40 new quality rock pitches (in single or multi-pitch form). Climbing has been good to me and I have made a point of establishing new climbs so that I am giving back to the community. This year I look forward to establishing 40 rock pitches that will cover a broad spectrum of difficulties. Keep checking in as I will share them with you as I complete them.

Establishing a new pitch of climbing involves the following:

  1. Finding the line
  2. Making sure its legal to put in bolts (if necessary)
  3. Cleaning the line (making sure it’s safe)
  4. Bolting the line (anchors or bolts and anchors depending on what is needed)
  5. Sharing it with others (mountain project or some other information sharing venue)
  6. Time (a new climb can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 years!)


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