Race Weekend

About a month and a half ago, a friend of mine and I decided to try an adventure race. On and off trail running, on and off road mountain biking, orienteering, kayaking and rappelling. I will be honest in that I didn’t even have a mountain bike to ride. I had to borrow a mountain bike and actually ride it a few times (life is busy in my neck of the woods). Check. I had to begin running again. I went running a few times(life is busy in my neck of the woods). Partial check. I know maps and can use them. I looked at one. Rappelling. My Zion big wall has given me 10000’s of feet to rap over the past few months. Kayaking has been overlooked since college. Nothing was done. We actually just borrowed paddles and life vests the night before the race.

So what is my expectation for Mitch and I? I expect Mitch to be waiting for me a lot. He is on track to qualify for the Kona Ironman Triathlon and I am in and out of shape throughout the year. My main focus has been the Zion route (which I am one pitch away from sending) which has directed my training time away from the race. I really expect to complete the race and that is that. If we are in last place, I will be happy and if we place somewhere in the middle, I will also be equally happy. If for some reason, we are near the top finishers, I will be just as happy.

I expect to sweat, carry and push a mountain bike up and down hills. I expect to run and walk on/off the trail and even find a mountain in front of me that I didn’t expect to actually be a barrier. I expect to  laugh and feel like crap and unfortunately get dehydrated.

50 miles of running, biking, kayaking. Let’s see what kind of adventure I can have!

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