Race Wrap Up

Since I had nothing to compare this race to I can say that it was a mountain bike race. The majority of it was done on the bike. Of the 50ish miles we covered there was about 8 miles on the river and 5 miles running. I had not ridden that many miles on a mt bike ever, so my butt was sore after the run and my legs became strained in a place where they hadn’t ever before.

Other than that it was good to know that I could complete the challenge in a timely manner. There was a hill that I walked the bike up, a headwind on the bike that was awful and another on the river that made the paddling portion less than fun too. Most of the riding was either on pavement or dirt roads and honestly the paddling portion was too long to be enjoyable. I did like the run and the rap was in a very scenic place.

Finally, the race wasn’t a real adventure. They give you coordinates to first plot on a map and then plot your course. Since you had to remain on trails and roads and also had to get to the checkpoints in numerical order there was no real planning to do. You just followed the trails from one to another. I was imagining that there would be actual planning of a route that no one else might be on and figuring out a logical efficient route, but that wasn’t the case. This event, as I assume all the others by this company require just following the crowd. To me there is no Adventure in that. Many of the people participating did just that. It was kind of upsetting that they didn’t even take out their maps.

That being said we didn’t stop other than at the checkpoints to whole punch our card and we had perfect weather conditions the entire day. (clouds with a light breeze) We crashed at my buddies parents house in Moab and they are always awesome to stay with and trade stories. I also learned that I do not enjoy paddling duckies, canoes are way more fun. Not too many photos other than before we started and during the rappel since those were the only two times where we were chilling.



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