Boston Marathon Weekend

My wife set a goal to qualify and run the oldest marathon on the planet. Tomorrow, she will have completed her goal. It’s pretty incredible to find someone who is motivated to set big goals and then persevere through the highs and lows and still get it done. I am lucky to have found her and am way impressed. If I had to say who (me or my wife Jane) is more motivated to train for a goal when life was too busy or they were too tired or whatever, I would say that Jane was that person. I have missed many a training night even though I have a Treadwall in my garage. I was too tired after parent-teacher conferences, too tired after traveling with family, too tired after constant meetings at school, but Jane no matter what obstacle lies in front of her, sticks with the program and gets it done.

This is her weekend to bask in the tradition of the Boston Marathon, see the sights, ride the Duck Tour, go to a Red Sox game and hang out with the support of her family and siblings. May the race be everything and more that you have dreamt. I want the downhill’s to be fast and fun and the uphill’s to feel tough and the finish to give you goose bumps from the support of the cheering crowds. Unlike sending a route, this accomplishment/experience should not be fleeting but etched deep within your memory and relived forever.


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