Zion Update

Human Centipede V Photo Topo

I sent my project that I began in November! Whew it took 6 months. Stay tuned for more media as there are some pretty cool images that we were able to capture.

Human Centipede V      5.13  (21 pitches)   2200 + feet tall                                                              On the Red Sentinel in the Court of the Patriarchs                                                                        First Free Ascent by Rob Pizem                                                                                                              First Ascent by: Sean Lynn, Darren Mabe, Curtis Chabot, Mike Brumbaugh, Rob Pizem

Route break down: 2 5.13 pitches, 3 5.12 pitches, 4 5.11 pitches and the rest are 5.10          Gear: 1 000 BD, 2 0 BD, 2 .2, 2 .3, 2, .4, 2 .5, 3 .75″ – 4″, 2 5″, and 1 6″ (optional)  15 draws/slings, 2 60meter ropes for rappelling the route

The route can go at 5.11 C1 because all the cruxes are short lived (about 10ft long) and well protected by gear or bolts. A topo will follow shortly as I get around to finalizing the drawing.

I am really proud of the route as it is a genuine adventure. Lots of variety and nearly vertical terrain. Most of the rock is bomber and clean, but over the course of 2200 ft there are always sections of poor rock no matter where you are climbing. Be sure to complete the route to the top for the final 5.10 splitter. Also, there is a 5.11 splitter corner that is incredible!

Thanks to all the partners that helped out and to Rob Warden for letting me crash during the cold winter months! I enjoyed every second on the wall even when we were all freezing as the snow fell all winter.


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