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With only 6 weeks until I leave for my next trip/self imposed climbing challenge, I am in full blown training mode. The goal is to climb 5 big alpine trad routes in the Alps. So my training is consisting of a couple things:

  • the capability of doing lots of pitches in a day (endurance)
  • power (some routes will be in the upper 5.12 range so I will need to be efficient
  • finger toughness (the skin must be able to handle lots of pitches and not break down)
  • foot toughness (my feet must not hurt after all the hiking and climbing)
  • mental toughness (some of the routes will be run out and challenging)

This means that I will need to be working out regularly.

  • That looks like a finger and power workout on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Routes at the gym on Tuesday afternoons.
  • I will be Treadwalling on Thursday afternoons.
  • I will be climbing outside at least one day of the weekend.

I am looking to be able to do a high volume of routes and not have my skin breakdown while in the process. If I was climbing full time that wouldn’t really be a problem but since I am employed full time and have a family and a second job, it gets a little bit difficult to fit it all in and actually feel prepared for a goal.

I have to stay healthy otherwise I could miss a week of training. Because I can’t just change my trip dates when I am going, I have to make the best out of every opportunity to be climbing or training. When I think about all the little things that need to come together in order to accomplish a goal, it seems overwhelming and impossible that I actually can get things done.

So with planning and dedication and a little luck I will get to climb my dream routes in the Alps all in one go. Let’s see what happens. The last thing I want to do is let these guys down!

Get outside and have an adventure!

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