Erik Weihenmayer at My School

After giving an engaging 1.5 hour presentation to my students and staff and a few Grand Junction locals, Erik hung out for a while to chat further with those students, staff and locals a little bit longer. If you are not sure who Erik is please check out his No Barriers program or his Touch the Top website. In a nutshell he is an accomplished person at climbing, public speaking, adventuring and motivational speaking who happens to be blind. He has climbed the 7 summits (including Mt. Everest), and was the first blind person to kayak the Grand Canyon. Erik lives and breathes his no barriers program and wishes to encourage others to take on this mantra for their own lives.

His presentation covered many topics about his life and people that he has met and others that he has worked with but the “take aways” were the following:

  1. There are three types of people in the world: quitters, campers and climbers.
  2. There is a way (within reason) to accomplish your goals.
  3. Accomplishing goals doesn’t start with needing more technology, it starts with your personal attitude and the small daily decisions that you make that bring you closer to achieving the goal.
  4. Use “barriers to accomplishing goals” as reasons to further motivate you and spur you on to your own personal dreams.
  5. Once you figure out how to accomplish goals successfully, look toward helping share that knowledge with others.


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