What Makes a Great Crag?

I began developing a new spot in GJ and am wondering about what makes an area great? I don’t personally care if my new area is or not, but it is an interesting question.

Is it the rock or the climbing or the zone/environment itself? It could be the spread of the grades or that fact that all the routes are about the same difficulty? What about whether or not you can do other things in the area like swimming or mountain biking or chilling? Is it the approach or the lack there of? Is it the fact that there is a big scene or a lack of one? There are so many factors that make an area great and ultimately it depends on what you like as a person. All I know is this new one will have a little adventure, a few bolts, a great environment and a little solitude and to me that sounds really good. I will post up the photos and a topo as it comes together and cleans up. Right now I am at the beginning and just have two routes completed, but they still need some cleaning. I like that the area has been untouched and overlooked and that it will take a little work to shine it up. It gives me a chance to be in nature and enjoy the scenery, the solitude and the wildlife.


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