Rest Day

This is the first week of my summer break and I already in need of a rest from the weeks activities. Other than the normal parenting stuff that makes us all tired, I was able to get out bolting on Monday and Wednesday, while getting a full day climbing in Unaweep on Tuesday. I am resting today and will get another day of climbing in Rifle on Friday to round things out. I am trying to put up a new area and finish off my training for my trip to the Alps this summer. There is less than a month left and I am in the big effort phase of my training where I am doing a lot of things/climbing that is supposed to wear me down. My hope is that I will be able to recover quickly and climb well (evenly) throughout the trip. I am not looking to peak, but to hold a higher than average level of energy and intensity while on the road and trying to climb long routes.


I will be getting back to Zion to do a two day run on long lines just before the trip in mid June and will continue bolting, cleaning and establishing new lines when I am not with my sons during the days of summer vacation. As an extended rest, my oldest son and I will attempt to climb a Flatiron in Boulder this weekend. After watching him progress on the boulders and climbs around here in Grand Junction, I am feeling that he has the skills to complete a Flatiron. The only thing that could slow him down is the length of the wall. I will head up the wall with a friend of mine which will allow me to climb next to him to help ease the intensity of the height and length. I am looking forward to this adventure in the hills with him.


But as far as rest days go, they are important for us as humans and also as athletes. Other than normal physical recovery benefits, the removal from climbing keeps us psyched when we do get to get back outside. That can help us to utilize each and every moment that we have on the rocks. The rest can allow us to catch up on the things that we may have put off for a while (after this I have to cut the grass!) Since my broken back I have had to take extreme measures to keep me walking and bending over on my own. Rest days allow my back to recover from the pains of jugging and hauling and bolting and cleaning routes and even climbing them.

So take and enjoy your rest days and then get outside and have an adventure

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