The First Ascent Tool Kit

Lots of people ask what I carry when I am establishing a new route. Well here are the dirty details. I have the most amazing sponsors out there in the outdoor industry but none of them have every piece that makes my life simple, so here are the only places where I use some other brands.

  1. A tough harness with a haul loop. I like the Arcteryx AR-395A (the numbers signify the weight of the harness in grams) I am always carrying too many things and clipping into everything on the way down or up. I want a comfy harness that will last and do the job. This is it.
  2. GriGri. Here are the pro’s that top the list: passing knots/short fixes hands free. (adding an auto block or prussic on 20 rappels is just time consuming, I would like to get down this year), long belays with a GriGri allow me not white knuckle the rope the entire time, simul rappelling with ATC’s in hazardous areas is just a bad idea.
  3. Metolius Easy Aider is by far the best and longest lasting. Don’t ever jug without your feet fixed into your aider.
  4. The Petzl Ascension. hands down the most friendly and easy to use ascender on the market.
  5. Black Diamond Yosemite Hammer. They last forever and are weighted properly for hand drilling or bashing loose and dangerous rock.
  6. Peztl RocPec is the best hand drill on the market today. I am still waiting for my buddy to release his design which will totally advance hand drilling speeds in the future.
  7. Locking Carbiners CAMP Orbit 2Lock. These are small and easy to use and are on my ascenders, belay device and daisys
  8. The Daisy Twist from CAMP. Super durable, super safe.
  9. A blow tube from the hardware store
  10. An adjustable wrench from the hardware store. Everyone bolts with different gear and you need to be able to tighten or loosen a bolt and shouldn’t ever be stuck with the wrong size socket.
  11. Axion Belay Gloves. When you new route, you tear your hands up. Wear good gloves.
  12. Eye protection is key. Julbo sunglasses rock and stop them from getting in your eyes too!
  13. The Creek 20 haul bag from Black Diamond. Small enough to carry everything stated above and the drill and bolts and hangers.
  14. The hardware depends on the rock type and the location. Use what is appropriate based on your area.
  15. The Speed helmet by CAMP. Light and fashionable, just like me : )
  16. The Zen by SCARPA its a tough leather shoe that handles the destruction that jugging and new routing inflict on a shoe.
  17. A small prybar from the hardware store. Unless you are on perfect stone, you need one of these.
  18. Hilti TE-4-A18   This is NOT a 36 volt hammer drill because you don’t need that big and heavy of a drill anymore. Get with the times and save your elbows. For areas that allow power drilling, this is the one for you!!!! Also, I have found that the Hilti drill bits are better than all the rest. You will wear our a Home Depot bit really quickly unless you buy the good stuff.
  19. Sterling Static ropes HTP Static lines 9mm. You already have a ton in your pack, keep the rope light and safe and durable.

Now that you know the secrets, get out there and have an adventure.

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