Grizzly Creek

Got out there with Mike the other day to check out the longer routes. The big question was could we do a 700ft route and be back by the time my daycare for the kids was up? (I had to drive 1.5 hours there and 1.5 back between 8am and 4pm and do the 60 minute each way approach) The answer was yes. The mile approach and then 20 minute up hill slog went smoothly after we found the right place to cross the raging river. After that the route had a nice starting point marked with a beautiful sign. After that it was smooth sailing on the enjoyable cracks and super exposure. Mudflap Girl was an enjoyable outing that I hope to take my boys on when they are old enough. I think that we will check out some of the other routes in the area now that we know the good beta. Cross after a mile or so of walking (I used my GPS) and start around 11 (at that point the sun will be just about gone and you will be in the shade all afternoon). Watch out for a tiny bit if poison ivy in the talus gulley and enjoy!


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