Europe Prep

The days are rapidly passing as I look forward to my Dolomite trip with Mike B. We are looking for good weather and enough sunny days for the long routes that we are planning on trying. So far the past few weeks in Europe have been rainy and one giant rain cloud has moved over the Alps after another. It is exciting to travel to climb but it is also a risk. I have learned over the years to not attempt hard climbs over a short trip. If the weather isn’t good or whatever you can loose sight of the fun that is right there in front of you. Yes I have an objective of 5 big walls in the Alps but I also see that that reality of accomplishing that feat during my two week trip is nearly impossible. With the travel time and the hiking time to get to the alpine huts in the mountains and due to the size of the objectives, it would be luck to just get to attempt all of the routes.

I look forward to trying these walls in no particular order:

  1. Piz Badille
  2. The Eiger
  3. The Matterhorn
  4. The Marmolada
  5. The Tre Cima (the biggest one)

These walls have called to me for 20+ years and I have only seen two of them and only climbed 1 of the 2. Each wall has a committing line that I would like to try to climb. I am not worried about onsighting (although that would be nice) or even sending them by redpointing pitches, I just want the opportunity to attempt them and enjoy the moments in the mountains. To absorb the feeling, the wind, the sky, the challenge, the fear and fatigue and the rock. To know that those are the reasons why I climb. Not for the numbers, not for the photos, not for self identity, but for the fun of it. There are few places other than the Dolomites/Alps in the world where all those emotions and feelings come together for me. So later this month when I embark with my hopes of dry weather, I am not hoping so much for perfection, just the opportunity to be in that headspace that clears my head and keeps me going till my next visit.

Until then enjoy one of my favorite scenes:


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