No Posts, Just Packing My Bags

There have been no posts because as you probably guessed, I broke my camera again. This time it was in my backpack sitting on top of the rope. When I unloaded the rope (forgetting the camera was there) I pulled it out with such force that the camera went flying off a 200ft cliff. I was bolting new routes and at the top of the cliff when this happened. I really wanted to share what I have been working on, but it will have to wait until I get back from Sardinia. Oh yeah, my Italy plans have changed due to the weather and rain and snow in the mountains. I will now be playing in Sardinia and climbing the 1000ft multi-pitch routes there. I am really excited about this trip even though I am not going to be able to try what I had been training for over the past few months. Oh well, at least I know that they will be there when I come back in the future.


On that note, I may or may not post anything in the next couple weeks due to my traveling. I will update you when I get back, that is for sure. I am packing a 60meter Nano Sterling rope, a 60 meter Sterling tag line along with 24 CAMP Photon Wire draws, a Cassin Laser harness and a FL-365 harness from Arcteryx, a CAMP Speed 2 Helmet and SCARPA Instinct Slippers and Vapor Lace shoes. My approach shoes will be the SCARPA Iguana and the Araky Approach from Arcteryx. I love to belay with the Matic from CAMP and it all will be stuffed in a old Arcteryx back pack. I might bring a pair of older slippers just in case we try the deep water soloing but I am not interested in getting hurt landing in the water so I may pass if that opportunity comes along.


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