Sardinia Part 1

Whew. That trip was hot! We changed plans due to the fact that the weather has/was bad in the Dolomites and ended up in Sardinia. By changing our destination, we were able to climb EVERY SINGLE DAY and Mike and I like that a lot.

DSCN1764.JPGSo we stayed in an apartment in Santa Maria Naverrese (which is on the right side and in the middle of the island (about 2 hours from Cagliari where we flew into). The second floor of this place was a great place to be. We were only 5 minutes from the beach and less than that from food and the downtown. As far as climbing, we were within 1 hour of more bigwalls that you can climb in a trip.



So after arriving we immediately did the hike down to the beach Cala Golzorite) (Cala = beach) just minutes from our place. The hike is an hour and holy crap does it feel like it on the way out! The tower on the beach was the objective. Needless to say we climbed to the top before the sun hit us and then we swam in that dirty water down below. No it wasn’t dirty, it was probably the most beautiful place that I had ever seen along the coast. We swam out to an arch, ate lunch and enjoyed the day. Other than the heat, this was going to be a good trip! The limestone was smooth and without any flakes or loose pieces and full of all the challenges that we enjoy; cracks, slabs, overhangs, pinches, pockets, slopers and jugs.

Stay tuned for more and until then, GET OUTSIDE AND HAVE AN ADVENTURE!!


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