Sardinia Part 2

Once we realized how warm it was outside and that climbing in the sun was NOT a good idea (that took one route to learn) we made sure that we planned the rest of our days accordingly. Start super early (like get up at 4amish) then drive to the wall (that is in the shade but with 30 to 60 minutes of hiking/approach time and 30 to 60 minutes of drive time) and climb till sun hits you or just shortly after. Then return home and be lazy, go to beach or hike to explore other potential walls to climb on and learn the approaches.

DSCN1782Mike on a super thin, techy, balancey, and heady slab near the top of the tower.DSCN1781I swam out to the arch after climbing the tower and without shoes or anything climbed up the middle to drop in the crystal clear water. The Sea was refreshing after climbing and it cooled you off nicely. Other beachgoers may or may not have been completely clothed.DSCN1790I found this view after I climbing into a cave entrance that was just about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. After crawling through to the end, this is the view that I was greeted with.DSCN1793

Got to make sure that you have the proper knots with your rap line and lead line when they are different sizes (meaning one is tiny and one is normal thickness. This is a stainless steel anchor on a route right over the Sea. I brought two tiny ropes (one lead and one rap line and I would suggest to bring a 9.8mm if you are planning on doing a lot of multi-pitch because the rock can be very abrasive. I retired my 9.2mm at the end of a trip and it only had a few routes on it before we left.DSCN1786

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