Sardinia Part 3

The next few days were filled with Mike and I figuring out where climbs were and how to make our feet comfortable in the heat. Mike had additional problems due to having a blister on each heel. Below is one of the goat herders huts in the woods.

DSCN1796DSCN1798It was nice to see that the views stayed spectacular no matter where we went in the hills outside Santa Maria. We climbed this wall on the left on our last day. It was at max 13 pitches tall!DSCN1801That big on in the distance is that 13 pitch wall with routes from 5.10 to 5.14 and just about 20-30 minutes from the car!DSCN1804DSCN1805We did like climbing over the water though, we don’t get a lot of that in the US or Colorado for that matter.DSCN1811Hanging at a belay in the shade in dreamland.DSCN1813

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