First Month of School, Training, Projecting and Life

This first month back at school and teaching has been a busy one to say the least. I think that this is my 14th year as a high school teacher!


We moved into a new school building that was opened for day one, but not completely finished. That made life challenging due to the fact that one our technology was not fully ready and two, we literally threw our supplies from the old building into whatever space was available in the new one. With confusion being king and with our student body not knowing the new building expectations, the transition went off really well considering all the obstacles that were before us. Add to that that we had new staff and new students, it was hectic. Many of us were left with our heads spinning.

To top that off, my two boys had to start their pre-schooling again. This went well since the older boy had been at the school for a year and the younger one was finally potty trained.

Additionally, I had to get my outdoor program going again at the new school. Organizing trip dates, bussing, and other teacher duties has been keeping me busy every second.

Finally, I have been training for my Unaweep project. I began that journey by trying the route (way before I was ready) and identifying my needs for success. Then I had to write 6 week program that would advance me into a position of sending the route in late September or early October. It has been tough making progress on the climb when most of the work that I do for it is indoors and on plastic. I actually only get one attempt on the route a week due to other commitments with life, school, friends and family. That one attempt consists of a lead burn over the course of about an hour where I rehearse the movements over and over so that the movements are ingrained in my head. I have never been on a route that has challenged my timing, sequencing and power so intensely. It is the kind of route where there is no room for error. If I make a mistake the route doesn’t allow you to correct yourself, it just spits me off like a chewed up dog toy. I like the challenge and wish that I could attempt it more than once a week, but I can be patient and enjoy the process. In the mean time, I have still been establishing a few new routes around that have proven to be incredible!

Lastly, I have 4 events that I will be at in the next two months:

  1. Slide Show at The Desert Rat in St. George September 23 at (time to be determined)
  2. Slide Show at Origin Climbing Gym in Las Vegas, on September 24 at  (4pm)
  3. The American Alpine Club Craggin Classic at Shelf Road Oct 22/23
  4. The American Alpine Club Craggin Classic at Moab Oct 29/30

Please come out and enjoy the shows and the clinics at the events and come by to say hello!



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