Labor Day Weekend Volunteering

Every time that my boys and I go hiking and climbing at our local stomping grounds they notice the trash that inconsiderate folks leave behind. There are plastic bottles, glass bottles, bags and fast food wrappers and all sorts of other garbage. Last time we went to play there, they suggested that we should come back with gloves and garbage bags and clean up the non-native species.

They agreed that they would pick up the trash and that my job was to carry the bags of trash. We were happily surprised that the area called Riggs Hill was pretty clean on todays visit until I noticed something blue across the park. As we neared the cliff band, I thought that it was going to be a tarp from a shelter. It ended up being a massive amount of  freshly spray painted rocks and leftover spray paint cans and bottles.

The artwork was fresh and it looks like there may be clues as to who may have done it. Not the best decision if you ask me.

But my kids already know and understand that you need to take care of the places that you love. Thanks for taking care of Riggs Hill Rowan and Orson. You two are wonderful boys and full of heart and passion.


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