You Call Yourself a Climber?


So I was thinking the other day about how people who climb allow that fact to define who and what they are in the world. As a science guy, I wanted to put some quantitative numbers to that statement. The graph linked above is a starting point for me in this process. Basically, if I was bold enough to say that I am climber and then look at the numbers, it’s pretty funny and inaccurate as most of my time is spent doing everything else!

So what does it take to call yourself a climber? I think that you have to climb at least 80% of your time and scrape by with odd jobs or something. (then there are always those folks who don’t even need that 20% work time, but they are few so we won’t worry about them in the equation). Personally, my work obligations are huge, my family obligations are the most important and then comes climbing. How could I define myself for what I only do about 10 percent of the time? Additionally, when I break that 10% down, I am really spending most of my time new routing (which isn’t even climbing!)

Climbing is something that I do (and have done for over 20 years now), I love being outside and getting into adventurous situations while high off the ground. I love the gear, the ropes, the partnership, the rock, and the mental and physical games that come with completing a route (new or established). But to call myself a climber when it really only describes 10% or less of my day is kind of goofy if you ask me.

Let me know what you think.



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